Sheet Metal Roofing in Pittsburgh, PA

In addition to providing commercial roofing installations and repairs, Voegele Co. also performs the necessary sheet metal roofing services in Pittsburgh, PA, in-house. This allows us to offer quality structural sheet metal and ensure that all the materials we use in our projects are the best possible. We have a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop where we employ our superior capabilities to produce structural steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Call (412) 227-8488 and ask about our sheet metal services.

Professional Sheet Metal Roofing and Sheet Metal Services

When it comes to our clients’ needs, we want to make certain they get the best possible from project beginning to project end. That is why we choose to include sheet metal services in our repertoire. Our technicians are capable of not only fabricating metal for our customers, we can help with initial project designs. Once the project plans are finalized, they get passed on to our sheet metal specialists, who will fabricate and shape the necessary metal.

Structural Steel

Voegele Sheet Metal Roofing

Voegele Sheet Metal Roofing is Reliable and Customized for Your Roof.

We are fully-equipped to fabricate all the necessary steel parts for the structural services we offer as part of our roofing business. We form steel structures like roof curbs and gutters and bend flashing, which we apply to our clients’ roofing systems. We can also do fabricated weldments in steel.

The projects often require very specific measurements, and so we can perform specialty welding, bending, and parts assembly. We fabricate roofing systems.Need to get started on your sheet metal roofing today in Pittsburgh, PA? Give us a call today at (412) 227-8488 and speak with our specialists.


In addition to steel, Voegele Co. also does aluminum fabrication. Our technicians handle rolling, drawing, and more. We then finish and use the parts to erect our roofing projects for our clients. Overall, handling the aluminum sheet metal from fabrication to erection allows us to give our customers the precise look they want. Aluminum is a preferred choice for many projects. It is lightweight and easy to shape, but it is also durable, strong, and holds that final shape over time.

When the parts are complete, they’re reviewed for problems and to ensure they meet all requirements. If they do, we then transport them to the job site so that they can be used in the erection of roofs. Of course, we perform these services for a variety of clients and their multitudes of projects. It’s yet another way we choose to serve companies and industries local to the area. Call us today at (412) 227-8488 to find out more about how we can become your go-to company for sheet metal roofing in Pittsburgh, PA.