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We Offer Polyurea and Other Roof Coatings for Better Commercial Roofing.

While there are many unique commercial roof coatings available for installation, none are more adaptable and beneficial than polyurea roof coatings. Simple to apply, polyurea roof coatings cohere to all roofing materials from concrete to wood, making it applicable to any roof. Protecting your roofing against damage, this coating offers dependable defense and water resistance against standing water. You’ll never have to be concerned about stormy weather rescheduling when you decide to install this coating as its water resistance provides it with a bigger window for application. Quality roof protection is easy with a fast application and rapid curing time. Roofers from Voegele Co. provide your roofing system with the best roofing services and polyurea roof coatings for Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding area. Receiving the information and roof services you require is simple when you call our roofing contractors who are always ready to assist you. Call us at (412) 227-8488 to speak with one of our roofers about your roof needs and roof coatings today.

Benefits of Polyurea Roof Coatings

Many roofs choose a polyurea roof coatings for their waterproof qualities, but there are more advantages that polyurea has to supply. Not only is this coating waterproof, but it prevents environmental and chemical damage as well. When storms sling debris at your roofing system, this coating can handle the wear, withstanding abrasion and damage to your roofing system. Metal roofing remains stronger longer and defends your roofing with corrosion protection from an applied polyurea coating. Polyurea coatings are incredibly versatile and can be mixed to include even more advantages for your roof. One of the most popular benefits that polyurea can be infused to provide is UV resistance. Once applied, your roof coatings provide additional energy efficiency for your roof by deflecting UV rays.

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