Commercial Roof Restoration Services

Is your commercial roof aging, or showing signs of wear and tear? Commercial roof restoration is a clever and cost-effective alternative to complete roofing replacement. This includes damages such as cracking, broken seams, ponding water, punctures, and even leaking. Instead of paying more money for a new roof when you don’t really need one, you can decide to pay less by choosing restoration and get such great service that your roof may seem like new. If your roof is functional but neglected too long without a restoration, it may then have to be replaced instead. Avoid the hassle of a new roof; for a fast and inexpensive commercial roof restoration in Pittsburgh, PA, contact the roofing professionals at (412) 227-8488 for help.

Why Restore Instead Of Replace?

Person Waterproof Coating Roof commercial roof restoration

We Perform Professional Roof Restoration and Coating for Better Protection.

Commercial roofs are a large investment for any business, and they often need a hefty amount of maintenance in order to remain in good condition. Unfortunately, even the best maintenance adherence won’t prevent the effects of age forever. Age and wear catch up with all roofs. Eventually, you’ll be presented with a choice: commercial roof replacement or commercial roof restoration. If the latter will get your roof in the condition you want, it may be the best choice in terms of budget.

With a cost-effective commercial roof coating, you can extend the longevity of your roof by about 10 years, because the roof coatings we use fix existing damages, and protect against new ones. Once those 10 years have passed, you can simply apply a new coating over the current one for an additional 10 years of roof protection. The type of roof coating we utilize depends on your current roof material, as well as your budget.

Affordable Commercial Roof Restoration Services

Through all of the benefits that come with a restorative roof coating, the cost-effective price is included among the best. Traditional roof replacements need costly roof tear-away procedures, along with heavy haul-away fees. Your existing roof system does not need to be taken off if you pick a roof restoration, which indicates you not only save money, but you also keep harmful roofing waste out of the local dumps. For cost-effective and dependable commercial roof restoration in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas, contact our contractors today at (412) 227-8488!