Roof Replacement: Recognizing the Signs

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Talk to Your Roofer About Roof Replacement During Your Next Inspection.

It’s an investment many companies fail to plan on. Eventually your building’s roofing system is going to need replacement, but how will you know when to pull the trigger on that purchase? Here are three easily recognizable signs to let you know when to start planning your roof replacement.

Sign #1: End of Lifetime

If your roofing system is rated for 20 years, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to immediately replace your roof immediately at the end of its lifetime. Proper maintenance and roof coatings can extend the life of your roof beyond that period. However, towards the end of your roof’s life cycle, your business should start setting aside funds for a new roof. With some advanced planning, you might even be able to upgrade your roof for enhanced functionality and energy savings.

Sign #2: Chronic Repair Costs

Does it seem like your business is constantly scheduling repairs for your roofing system? Repairs are a normal part of maintaining your roof, to a point. If repair costs are starting to exceed the depreciated cost of your rooftop however, it’s time to start thinking about roof replacement. When you are estimating your costs, be sure to factor in internal damages (such as water leaks) that your roof should be preventing.

Sign #3: Structural Degradation

While some damage can be mitigated with basic repairs, structural degradation is the most compelling reason to get started on roof replacement as soon as possible. If your rooftop has sagging areas or gaping holes, you need to call your roofing company immediately an inspection. Then start planning your replacement roof.

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