Restore Commercial Roofs With Roof Coatings

Roofer Applying Roof Coating To Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof Restoration Can Be Roof Coatings, Roof Cleaning, or Repairs

If your commercial roof is looking worse for wear, you may think that the only option is replacing it. A roof replacement involves fully removing your current roof and replacing it with a new one. This is a costly and time-consuming process. Many roofers instead recommend that commercial properties get a roof restoration. A roof restoration simply adds to what is already on your roof to make it stronger and last longer. This can involve cleaning, repairing, or coating a roof. Roof coatings help extend the life of commercial roofs the longest (by more than 10 years) and sometimes even outlast the warranty of the originally installed roof. We use Karnak products when performing commercial roof restorations as they are completely seamless and waterproof. For commercial roof coatings and restorations in Pittsburgh, PA, contact Voegele Co. at (412) 227-8488.

Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Restoration

  • If your roof is constantly leaking whenever it rains, roof coatings stop that since they are completely seamless and waterproof.
  • During heavy storms, commercial roofs and gutters have to work overtime to rid the excess water. This higher water pressure in the gutter system wears it down faster, requiring repairs. Waterproof coatings prevent the improper drainage from happening anymore.
  • Most commercial roofs are flat, so the sun has full access to all areas of it, resulting in severe sun damage. A roof coating restores a commercial roof by reflecting the sunlight away, helping to lower temperatures inside the building as well as preventing sun damage.