What Is a Green Roof And How Does It Work?


green roof

Green Roofing Is Great For The Environmement.

A green roof is a way to protect your roof and also take care of our environment. A green roof is installed and acts as a barrier for things like water and heat, by covering the roof in plant or vegetation of some kind. This can be done by a professional and will be able to give you great long lasting results. It works by limiting water runoff and also uses the plants’ natural ability to produce oxygen and clean the air. If you have questions about how a green roof works, call Voegele Co. at (412) 227-8488 and we will answer any questions you may have about green roof systems in Pittsburgh, PA.


What Are The Advantages Of a Green Roof?

Having a green roof comes with a lot of advantages. They are able to help with stormwater runoff and management by soaking it into the roof without causing problems. It also is great at providing shade, thus reducing energy bills and creates a habitat for wildlife as well. The roof not only looks pretty, but it also provides oxygen and cleans the air.

Are Green Roofs Good For The Environment?

Green roofs are great for the environment and if more people had them, the benefits would be astounding. They help to reduce heat by absorbing it and creating a cooling effect that will benefit everyone around them. They also help to create oxygen the same way that trees do and will put cleaner air back into the air. In urban environments, green roofs have great importance because they help to avoid stormwater runoff and will be able to absorb it back into the roof and grow from that like a recycling effect.

By knowing more about the benefits of getting a green roof, it can spark a conversation among people that may create more, to want to put a green roof on their home or business. These roofs can help make big changes especially in large heavily populated and polluted areas like large cities. Call us for any questions or concerns you may have at (412) 227-8488 and see if a green roof in Pittsburgh, PA is right for you.