Fighting the Elements: Rooftop Coatings

When it comes to cutting costs, business owners rarely look up to the roof above their heads. Your rooftop can last for many decades, but it still faces a daily struggle against the elements. With a little special treatment however, you could significantly lower your yearly expenses. Wondering how? Here are some of the fascinating ways you can save money with rooftop coatings.

Rooftop Coatings Boost Light Reflectance

A Business Situated in Sunlight

To Avoid Exorbitant Energy Costs, Try Using a UV Reflecting Rooftop Coating.

Does your business sit in direct sunlight for several hours at a time? Many rooftops aren’t treated to reflect sunlight. As a result, they absorb vast amounts of sunlight that increases the cost of air conditioning. With specialized coating (such as white acrylics), you can safeguard your business against this unnecessary expense. Because HVAC systems represent such a large portion of your business’ utility expenditures, consider the savings potential!

Coatings Add Additional Waterproofing

Many businesses like flat roofs for their space saving design. These flat roofs however, have a high risk of ponding water. Pooled water can accelerate the rate of rooftop corrosion and leaks, eventually leading to costly water damage. For business owners worried about the integrity of their rooftop (or the property underneath), improving your roof system’s waterproofing capability is an easy choice. Water-blocking coatings, especially silicone, are perfect for safeguarding your business and securing a little peace of mind.

Roof Coatings Protect Your Paint

Why waste money painting your rooftop again and again? Paint tends to chalk after years of intense sunlight. Coatings that protect against ultraviolet radiation extend the life of your paint job, so you don’t have to get it replaced every year.

Talk to your roofer and see which protective coating may be right for your business! For more information about rooftop coatings in Pittsburgh, PA, call(412) 227-8488.