Expert Flat Roof Leak Detection Services

At Voegele Co., we are all about commercial and industrial roofs. We offer as many services as possible to improve upon roofing industry standards of repairs and construction. Prior to performing any major repairs or services, it’s essential to establish the condition of our clients’ roofs. That’s why we also offer flat roof leak detection in Pittsburgh, PA. We want local businesses to have complete commercial and industrial roofing services. Contact us at (412) 227-8488 for more information on these services today.

Do You Need Flat Roof Leak Detection?

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Trust Our Flat Roof Leak Detection and Survey Services.

Roof leak detection services help make our roofing services more well-rounded for our clients. Since we specialize in commercial and industrial roofs, our survey and leak detection services extend to flat roofs like those on commercial properties. Discovering leaks before they become serious is important for any roofing system. When it comes to the roofs of large businesses, those leaks can become catastrophes that are more than normal disruptions; they can affect the entire business.

Our techniques for leak detection are entirely modern. They reveal precisely where the moisture problems originate, and how far they extend. Our detection and survey professionals track the extent of the water damage and determine if there is structural damage, too. Then, comes the damage control. Our specialists are skilled in all these procedures and can provide you with all the information you need to understand your roof’s condition.

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Roof moisture surveys and leak detection are useful methods for extending the life and performance of a roof system. It is always better to have these services performed prior to any other roofing repairs or services. It’s our goal to reduce our clients’ roof maintenance needs and costs by offering thorough testing. Our leak detection is comprehensive. We will detail all problems found in a complete report, informing you of any issues that need addressing, as well as how they should be repaired.

Before you have roof repairs done, ask us for flat roof leak detection in Pittsburgh, PA. Whether you have plans for your roof, or you are concerned about leaks, contact Voegele Co. about our commercial roofing services. Call (412) 227-8488 today.