Cool Roofing Installation Services

When you need to increase your energy efficiency, purchasing cool roofing in Pittsburgh, PA is a good way to begin. The sun’s UV rays are absorbed by most commercial roof materials. Once the roof soaks ups the heat, it passes it to the inside of the building below, which can make things uncomfortable and force you to overuse the AC. Cool roof systems bounce the heat away from the building. With such strong reflectivity, cool roof materials can lower the temperature of your roof, which will lower the inside temperature of your building, and seriously lower your heating and cooling bills. For more information about cool roofing, call Voegele Co. at (412) 227-8488. We provide several different kinds of cool roofing products and are always willing to answer any inquiries you may have about these contemporary roofing solutions.

Why Select a Cool Roof?

Cool Roofing

Try Cool Roofing for Better Temperatures in Your Building.

In addition to saving money on your energy bill, there are several advantages to installing a cool roof on your commercial building. First, it can save you money on roofing restoration and services. The heat from the sun easily harms traditional roofing products. Over time, this can wear down your roof and you will have to get it repaired. You won’t need to replace your cool roof as frequently since it isn’t damaged by the sun’s heat. Your air conditioning units will also work more efficiently once you have installed a cool roof. As a cool roof lowers the temperature inside the building, it lightens the workload on your air conditioning systems. This decreases the possibility of your AC equipment needing serious maintenance or replacement. Finally, cool roofing is also environmentally friendly because it decreases the emissions coming from the building heating and cooling equipment.

Set Up Your Installation

Additional information regarding getting cool roofing in Pittsburgh, PA is accessible from Voegele Co. We only work with the leading roofing manufacturers to make certain our clients have the most reliable cool roofing products, and general roofing products available. Our office has years of commercial roof installation experience, so you can rest assured that the roof we install for you is going to last. If you want to schedule your next roofing appointment, call us at (412) 227-8488.