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Have you been considering a new commercial metal roof installation in Pittsburgh, PA? Among the available choices for flat or low slope building roofs, metal roofing is one of the most reliable and long-lasting. Metal roofs additionally offer exceptional style and energy efficiency, above and beyond any shingle roof option on the market. The roof professionals at Voegele Co. are ready to assist you when it's time to include a metal roof system on your building! To discover more about your commercial roof options, give us a call at (412) 227-8488, and set up your roof inspection!

Benefits Of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

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When you are looking for a long-lasting commercial roof solution, you may be intrigued to learn that a commercial metal roof installation can serve your roof for decades to follow. This roofing type has so many long-term perks, that the cost you save throughout the decades quickly accounts for the initial cost of installation. Metal roof systems are impressively durable, resistant to strong winds, extreme hail, and also fire! Your business can even depend on your metal roof system to serve your structure for more than 50 years, due to the significant resiliency. Additionally, of any of the popular commercial roof options, metal roof systems require the least maintenance. Last, but not least, a metal roof is one of the more environmentally conscious options you can settle on for your roof, thanks to the reflective nature of metal, and the recyclable materials used in installation.

Dependable Metal Roofing Systems

At Voegele Co. we pride our company in our dependable and effective commercial metal roof installation in Pittsburgh, PA! For a long time, our company has been offering reliable roof solutions to the residents of our community, along with exceptional customer service. Engineered to provide you with cost-effective perks, and unmatched protection, our metal roofs are sure to serve your business properly for decades to come. Through comprehensive training and mandatory licensing for all of our roofers, we ensure that your roof is in professional, fully insured hands. Talk with one of our roof professionals today at (412) 227-8488 to discover more about our metal roofing services, and get started with your premium metal roofing now.