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Built Up Roofing

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When it comes to your structure’s roofing system, you need one that is dependable, versatile, and absolutely durable. Having a history of being a reliable roofer for commercial structures is critical, and luckily, we provide built up roofs, or tar and gravel roofs, that have a ton of credibility. Built up roofs have been around since the 1870s; they have delivered amazing security to schools, medical buildings, and other business structures around the world. Protecting your roof can be difficult if it isn’t correctly assembled, but the roofers at Voegele Co. in Pittsburgh, PA have the knowledge, tools, and qualifications to assemble a built up roofing system that is able to protect your structure against flames, severe weather, and additional destruction that can harm your roof. When your building needs to be updated with a new roofing system, turn to the roofers at Voegele Co. to handle your roofing needs with our superior built up roofing in Pittsburgh, PA. All you have to do is contact our roofing company today at (412) 227-8488 to set up an appointment.

Years of Security with Built Up Roofing Installation

Structures such as educational, medical, and also eating establishments commonly utilize built up roofs because it is able to incorporate years of protection. After subsequent years of being on the market, it continues to be a prominent roof product for business structures because of how indestructible it is, being impervious to severe weather, flames, strong winds, and also punctures. The lasting functioning of the built up roof has a lot to do with how it is installed. It incorporates tiers of felt to the membrane of the roof that are subsequently bonded with asphalt, then finished with gravel for additional protection.

Consequently, it is extremely hard for weather or different aspects to tear the roofing system, making this roof one of the most desired roofs for business, developed, and a number of other buildings. The roofing contractors at Voegele Co. are devoted to providing our clients with long-lasting built up roof assembling, and we can achieve this by continually assembling your roof correctly, which will deliver you decades of protection to your structure.

Convert To a Built Up Roofing System with Our Installations

Built up roof construction provides clients in the Pittsburgh, PA region with a greater roof. The roofers at Voegele Co. are ready to offer exceptional roof assembly and services. Our built up roof installation is strong, efficient, and high-quality, giving restaurants, schools, and different structures optimal roof security with our decades of assembly and maintenance. Since we only hire licensed roofers, and utilize innovative tools and materials, our roofing contractors are able to install a high-quality built up roof system on your building. Our built up roof services include construction and upkeep, to guarantee you receive a long-lasting roof that offers you the best roof. For optimal built up roofing in Pittsburgh, PA count on the roofers at Voegele Co. Give us a call now at (412) 227-8488 for exceptional built up roofing installations.