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Does your commercial structure need a new roof? For a commercial roofing company with all the experienced roofers and the best materials, call Voegele Co. From new construction, to maintenance, to repairs, and much more, our professional commercial roofers can handle all your roof needs. We carry a vast selection of roofing materials to make sure that your needs are met. If you're looking for a dependable commercial roofing company in Pittsburgh, PA, then you can stop looking and call us at (412) 227-8488;.

Your Commercial Roofing Company

commercial roofing company

We’re Your Commercial Roofing Company You Can Trust.

When it comes to your commercial or industrial roof, you don’t want your roofing system to be the same as any other. You want it customized to suit your needs. It should be durable to last you through the years. These systems come at a price you can afford and are designed to be easy to maintain because you have more important things to do that go up on the roof for maintenance; after all, you have a business to run.

As a commercial roofing company, it’s our job to offer all the options feasible for your roof. We set out to meet your business’ needs and care for them so that, once the job is done, you don’t have to worry about it. Of course, we also provide repairs and maintenance to help keep your roof in the best possible shape, while you stay in business. Your common roofing contractor simply doesn’t have the experience with commercial roofs that we do. Give us a call at (412) 227-8488 for professional commercial roofing in Pittsburgh, PA. 

A Roof Suited to Your Business

Flat roof membranes, metal roofing, and shingle roofs are all common examples of commercial roofing types. Available in a large variety of colors and materials, we make sure to carry a wide selection of commercial roofing options for our clients. Though the longevity of your roofing system will adjust according to the material you use, proper maintenance will provide you up to or more than 30 years of service from Voegele Co. a commercial roofing contractor.

Our installers are professionals in commercial roofing, so if you require a repair, a replacement, or anything else, we can help. Below, you can find a list of a few of the commercial roof services we provide, along with links to more information. When you need a better commercial roofing system or repairs for your existing commercial roofing, give us a call today at (412) 227-8488, and schedule an appointment. We are the commercial roofing company in Pittsburgh, PA that is dedicated to offering high-quality commercial roofing services at an affordable cost, and we look forward to serving your business.

  • Built Up Roofing: Built up roofing is one of the strongest options for your commercial roof.  Ask about built up commercial roofs. We install them with the best skills and materials.
  • Cool (Reflective) Roofs: Save your building’s energy use significantly with cool roofing.  Reflective roofs bounce those UV rays back so your roof doesn’t absorb heat. Let us help you save that costly AC energy.
  • Commercial Metal Roofing Repair & Installation: Metal roofs are classic, durable commercial roofing options.  We will repair, install, and replace your metal roofing. Call us to find out what else we can do for your metal roof.
  • Commercial Roof Consultant: Sometimes, you need some help deciding what to do with your commercial or industrial roof.  Our commercial roof consultants can help you with: Commercial Roof Inspection, Flat Roof Leak Detection & Survey, and more.
  • Commercial Roof Repair: We are here to repair your commercial roof, whatever the problem may be.  We repair your metal, flat, and any other commercial or industrial roof you may have. Just ask us how.
  • Commercial Roof Replacement: When your commercial roof cannot be saved, we replace it.  Our commercial roof replacements give you a new, better, lasting roof. Call us and let us replace your roof quickly and expertly.
  • Flat Roof Repair & Installation: Flat roofing is a classic standard for commercial buildings because it’s durable.  We repair and install professional commercial flat roofs. Whatever type of flat roof you have, we’ll handle it.
  • Green Roofing: Green roofing lets you be more energy efficient and saves you money.  If you want more energy efficiency from your roof, ask us about green roof installations for your building.
  • Industrial Roofing: A reliable industry needs a reliable roof for all its years of business.  We perform industrial roofing for a number of industries. Let us be your industrial roofers.
  • Modified Bitumen Roof Repair & Installation: Bitumen roofing is excellent protection for your roof for a long time to come.  Find out about bitumen roofs and how our installations become lasting, well-defended roofing systems.
  • Single Ply Roofing There are many types of single ply roofing, and we install them all. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or installations, we will perform your single ply roof services: TPO Membrane Roof Repair & Replacement, EPDM Membrane Rubber Roof Installation, PVC Membrane Roof Repair and Installation, Vulcanized Rubber Roofing