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The Benefits of a Metal Roof

Metal Roof

A Metal Roof Is an Excellent Choice for Commercial Roofing.

As a commercial roofing material, metal has been in use for decades. Durable and long-lived, metal roofing resists a great many environmental hazards, and additionally requires little maintenance. Better still, recent advances in technology allow for much more functional, attractive metal roofing types. If the time has come to consider a new roof for your commercial structure, keep the benefits of a metal roof in mind.

Superb Durability

Durability provides one of the main reasons why many people choose metal roofing. Durable metal roofs can withstand certain damages, like impacts from hail, that would destroy other roofs. Certain varieties of metal also resist chemical exposure and other hazards associated with commercial and industrial roofing.

Excellent Lifespan

The longevity of metal represents another of its premier benefits. Whereas standard materials, such as single ply membranes, last for around 20 years, metal can persist for 50 or more. This provides a great deal of added value to a metal roof installation, and makes it one of the more cost-effective choices available.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is typically manufactured from some percentage of recycled material, and is itself recyclable at the end of a long life. This reduces the amount of roofing waste in landfills, a considerable environmental perk. Metal’s reflectivity almost makes it a natural cool roof. Increased energy efficiency and fewer AC emissions serve as further perks.

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Roof Replacement: Recognizing the Signs

Bird's Eye View of Roofing Professionals

Talk to Your Roofer About Roof Replacement During Your Next Inspection.

It’s an investment many companies fail to plan on. Eventually your building’s roofing system is going to need replacement, but how will you know when to pull the trigger on that purchase? Here are three easily recognizable signs to let you know when to start planning your roof replacement.

Sign #1: End of Lifetime

If your roofing system is rated for 20 years, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to immediately replace your roof immediately at the end of its lifetime. Proper maintenance and roof coatings can extend the life of your roof beyond that period. However, towards the end of your roof’s life cycle, your business should start setting aside funds for a new roof. With some advanced planning, you might even be able to upgrade your roof for enhanced functionality and energy savings.

Sign #2: Chronic Repair Costs

Does it seem like your business is constantly scheduling repairs for your roofing system? Repairs are a normal part of maintaining your roof, to a point. If repair costs are starting to exceed the depreciated cost of your rooftop however, it’s time to start thinking about roof replacement. When you are estimating your costs, be sure to factor in internal damages (such as water leaks) that your roof should be preventing.

Sign #3: Structural Degradation

While some damage can be mitigated with basic repairs, structural degradation is the most compelling reason to get started on roof replacement as soon as possible. If your rooftop has sagging areas or gaping holes, you need to call your roofing company immediately an inspection. Then start planning your replacement roof.

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Fighting the Elements: Rooftop Coatings

When it comes to cutting costs, business owners rarely look up to the roof above their heads. Your rooftop can last for many decades, but it still faces a daily struggle against the elements. With a little special treatment however, you could significantly lower your yearly expenses. Wondering how? Here are some of the fascinating ways you can save money with rooftop coatings.

Rooftop Coatings Boost Light Reflectance

A Business Situated in Sunlight

To Avoid Exorbitant Energy Costs, Try Using a UV Reflecting Rooftop Coating.

Does your business sit in direct sunlight for several hours at a time? Many rooftops aren’t treated to reflect sunlight. As a result, they absorb vast amounts of sunlight that increases the cost of air conditioning. With specialized coating (such as white acrylics), you can safeguard your business against this unnecessary expense. Because HVAC systems represent such a large portion of your business’ utility expenditures, consider the savings potential!

Coatings Add Additional Waterproofing

Many businesses like flat roofs for their space saving design. These flat roofs however, have a high risk of ponding water. Pooled water can accelerate the rate of rooftop corrosion and leaks, eventually leading to costly water damage. For business owners worried about the integrity of their rooftop (or the property underneath), improving your roof system’s waterproofing capability is an easy choice. Water-blocking coatings, especially silicone, are perfect for safeguarding your business and securing a little peace of mind.

Roof Coatings Protect Your Paint

Why waste money painting your rooftop again and again? Paint tends to chalk after years of intense sunlight. Coatings that protect against ultraviolet radiation extend the life of your paint job, so you don’t have to get it replaced every year.

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3 Reasons to Consider a Roof Restoration

Roofer Applying a Roof Restoration

A Roof Restoration Can Resolve Many Problems on Your Roofing System.

If your commercial roofing materials are starting to show signs of aging, you might think that it is time to consider getting the roof replaced. This might be the case, but you also might be able to resolve any problems on your roof with a professional roof restoration. If you would like to learn about applying a restoration to your roof or find out more about the condition of your roofing materials, contact the staff at Voegele Co.. We are here to help you find the right roofing solution for your business.

Why Choose a Roof Restoration?

There are many reasons to consider applying a roof restoration to your roof. Here are some of the main reasons why this is a popular alternative roofing solution.

It Saves Money
Replacing commercial roofing materials is not a cheap venture. Not only do you have to pay for the installation of the new materials, but in many cases, you have pay to remove the old materials as well. The materials used to restore your roof are less expensive than traditional roofing products and they can be applied directly to your aging roof.

It Extends the Usefulness of Your Roof
Restoring your roof revitalizes your roofing materials and can extend their lifespan. Once a coating has been applied to your roof, it can last between 10 and 12 years longer than predicted when it was installed.

It Won’t Disrupt Your Business
Roof replacements are intense projects and can cause serious disturbances for your employees and your customers. Sometimes roofers will offer to install new roofs after a business has closed for the day. A roof restoration can be applied during your hours of operation with limited disruption to your flow of business.

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Commercial Roof Leak Detection is Essential

Leaks are a potential problem for all roof systems. Under certain conditions, even a strong roof can develop a leak. When you have a commercial or industrial roof, you don’t have time to search those massive spaces for signs of leaks; you have a business to run. That’s why there are roof leak detection services. If you are worried that your roof has a leak, or it hasn’t been checked in a long time, then call and ask for commercial leak detection services from professionals.

Finding Roof Leaks on Commercial Roofs

Rain on Roof

Protect Your Roof with Commercial Roof Leak Detection.

Regularly-scheduled leak detection is part of a good maintenance plan for your commercial roof. It needs to be inspected twice per year, or more if the roof is aging. This is particularly important for a very large industry roof. All that space means it takes more time and effort to find leaks if they’re present. If leaks are left to worsen on a roof, they can become terrible and call for major repairs, which interrupts business.

You can help your roof last longer with regular roof leak detection checks. Preventing excess moisture means preventing weakening of the structure. The best thing you can do is hire a commercial roofing professional to come and inspect your roof for leaks and other potential problems. Leak detection services are comprehensive, and include thorough checks and reporting. The task calls for commercial roofing expertise.

If your business’ roof hasn’t been checked for leaks in some time, call Voegele Co. at (412) 227-8488 today and schedule your preventative commercial roof leak detection services in Pittsburgh, PA.